People are different - go with it

Our project is all about different people coming together and working as a team. We all bring different knowledge and experience to our work. Some is research experience, but some is what people call ‘lived experience’, for example people’s life experiences of disability. Click on the squares below to find out how we created an environment for lots of different people to work together as equals.
Relax and feel smooth

Our project challenged us in new and exciting ways. We found that starting all our meetings with a moment of calm helped us to focus.

Designing a space for everyone

Disabled and autistic people from Heart n Soul created a friendly space for working and making together

Creating space for everyone

From the beginning of our project, we set out to create a working environment that values and cares for everyone – a truly ‘inclusive’ culture.

Any sound you like

Music jams at The Hub were events for Wellcome staff and Heart n Soul artists to come together, have fun and make music in a safe and equal space.

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