We're all just human

Sometimes society does not see the ‘whole person’. This can be particularly true in research and health, when people are being studied on or examined. Our work would not have been as valuable if we did not ask everyone to bring their whole selves to the project, whether they were leading or responding to our research. Click the squares below to find out more about how we explored the value of difference between us all and what we have in common.
We all need care

What do we value and need when it comes to care? Our project challenged the usual roles of carer and 'client' and brought people with and without learning disabilities and autistic people together to spend time just as human beings.

Is how you feel as important as what you think?

Our research priorities are inspired by the life experiences of people with learning disabilities and autistic people on the team. This meant our conversations could become quite emotional, but it was important for everyone to have time to speak about how they were feeling.

Life in lockdown

Like so many others, our project had to change when the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic began. We went from working together in The Hub to working together, but remotely, from our homes. We kept in touch in different ways, including sending out creative activities to help everyone reflect on how they were feeling.

What does productivity mean to you?

Being ‘productive’ means different things to different people. For some people, it means going to work, but with only 5.6% of people with learning disabilities in paid employment, we wanted to find out more.

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