The world as we see it

Our research all stems from the perspectives of the people with learning disabilities and autistic people on our project. Together we discussed what we wanted to change about our lives and society. We challenged thousands of people to think about learning disability in an up close and personal way and we have explored what a future for everyone could look like. Click on the squares below to hear and see more about what we found out.
What do you see when you see me?

We spent months talking about which research questions to ask the public. Lots of our final questions were about public attitudes to learning disability, but there were so many different subjects that were important to us…

What did we see when we saw you?

Over 3000 people answered our research questions exploring public attitudes towards learning disability and what we have in common. Hear about our early findings from the results.

A different kind of future

The Heart n Soul co-designers chose artists to work with them on an exhibition exploring who they are and what they want to change about the world. Step inside and explore their interactive artworks…

Good Brainwaves – moving forward

We have learned so much from The Hub, it has been an exciting and valuable journey for us. Have a look and listen to our brainwaves and reflections and find out what we will be up to next.

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