Play Together

Guest artist: Felix Peckitt is a poet, techie and ticcer who enjoys using technology to explore how audiences interact. He was commissioned as an Unlimited Emerging Artist in 2018 for his interactive sound art piece ‘The Goldilocks Mixer’. When he is not making art, Felix works for the NHS, using patient data to tell the story of how healthcare is delivered, and how it could be better.

Co-designers: Aysen, Castro, Rajah, Robyn, Thomas

The co-designers and Felix thought about how ‘play’ could be more inclusive and put their ideas into a rulebook for playing together. They created a physical deck of playing cards using original artwork and images from the co-designers’ Inclusive Futures research workshops. All the cards represent an idea related to inclusion, from wheelchair access to chill out spaces. Explore cards from our digital deck and get thinking about what a more inclusive and accessible world might look like to you…

How to explore:

  • Enter the artwork
  • Click ‘Deal’ to get three cards
  • Use the cards to create an ideal future scenario
  • Or look through the cards one by one and read or listen to a description of the artwork on each card