A World That Is, A World That Isn’t

Guest artist: Ben Connors is an artist whose work explores themes of collaboration, identity, representation and communication. He makes drawings, murals, workshops and comics. He works a lot on intergenerational projects, community projects and has a lot of experience collaborating with people with learning disabilities. He also loves poetry and music and makes some of his work in response to words and sound.

Co-designers: Aysen, Bobby, Castro, Rajah, Robyn, Thomas

Ben and the co-designers made artwork on the theme of accessibility. They identified some of the things that are and some of the things that aren’t accessible for people who are autistic and/or have learning disabilities. After some discussion Ben set each co-designer a series of creative challenges to visualise these elements through paint, colour, texture, drawing, shape and patterns. You can navigate the artworks created one by one or through the different filters. We hope you will enjoy the artwork and get a sense of ‘a world that is and a world that isn’t’ accessible through our eyes.

How to explore:

  • View the artworks by subject by clicking on a word to the right
  • Or ‘view all’ and look through them one by one
  • Click on an image to discover the creative challenge behind the artwork
  • Read or listen to the challenge and try it out at home