Hopes and Dreams Tree

Guest artist: Alice Helps designs and makes installation artworks and multi-space sets for immersive experiences, performances, exhibitions and bespoke events. Her designs often feature detailed narrative props, light and sculpture to create interactive worlds that heighten sensory experience.

Co-designers: Aysen, Castro, Rajah, Robyn, Thomas

Together, the Heart n Soul co-designers and artist Alice created an immersive light and sound installation full of their hopes, dreams and achievements. Filmed and adapted for an online audience, visitors can take time to explore and contemplate. Take a journey to each jar in the tree to hear the co-designers’ unique stories, accompanied by their animated artworks.

Filming of the installation for the web was done by Tom Jenkinson.

How to explore:

  • Click on one of the five jars on the branches of the tree
  • Hear the voice of a co-designer telling you about their hopes and dreams
  • Watch their animated artwork
  • Take a moment to reflect on your own hopes and dreams
  • Click on another jar…